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Time To Take Action!

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What are you doing to move ahead in life?

For years, I had a desire to play the guitar. I had watched so many amazing guitarists make such incredible music all my life, and I always wanted to stop doing the "air guitar" solos and actually be able to play something.

I had that desire for years—and did nothing about it. Then, one day, I was driving by a music shop and saw an acoustic guitar hanging in the window. I changed my plans for the day and ended up going home with a new guitar and a book of guitar chords.

Even then, with the right instrument and the right manual, I could have done nothing and had no change in my life. Instead, I practiced every night for three hours after I'd put my sons to bed. And in a short while, I was able to play a few songs. I wasn't Van Halen, but I was further along than I had been, and I could play and sing a basic version of some of the songs I'd been listening to for years.

Having knowledge doesn't automatically equal success. Having insight doesn't guarantee progress. You have to actually put in the work to see something happen.

Do you have some big idea floating around in your life? Maybe it's a dream of something amazing you want to do, create, build, or begin. Perhaps you've even gone to great lengths to learn more about it. Have you done anything with your knowledge yet?

Every time I give a presentation, I am doing my best to leave the audience with some new idea or concept that can spark something inside. Maybe it will be to try a new thing or put feet onto an idea that has been waiting idly for years

But even if I leave them with some new idea that brings something to light, it doesn't mean a thing if nothing is done about it. The only change in our life that happens without action on our part is accidental. Don't live like that. If you are unhappy with an area of your life, do something to better it.

Is it easy to do? Not always. Is it worth it? I believe so.

Insight without action is a lot like a parked car with the engine running and a full tank of gas. There's a lot of potential there but no momentum.

Don't just be a sponge, soaking up endless amounts of knowledge but never doing anything with it. Pour some of that knowledge into your life and take a chance on something you've dreamed of.

You just might be amazed at how quickly things move forward with a bit of action.

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