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Turn managers into leaders.

So many times companies think the only way to improve a situation, program, or department is to replace the leadership involved, but that is not always the best solution. Many times we can fix our leadership problems through a few simple changes that are possible for anyone. We don't need new people, we need new thinking in the ones we already have. Brian will help your team create a positive mindset for success in their thoughts and actions.

Anyone who is seriously committed to change can improve their leadership style if they are willing to be brutally honest with themselves and put in the work. By looking at examples of both good and bad leaders in the past, Brian will lead your team toward becoming strong and solid examples for their companies.

In this magic-infused presentation, we will examine:

  • The number one sign of a weak leader - This is the first thing others see but the last thing we notice in ourselves. Learn how to easily change this using Brian's strategy.

  • The building blocks of strong leadership - A good foundation is essential for any structure and the same is true for a good leader. It's easy to gloss over these sometimes, but you do so at your own peril! Walk away with a toolkit filled with new methods and approaches.

  • Why transforming your leadership style is critical to long-term success - Many executives get stuck in a rut leading in the same way they always have regardless of past results. Applying Brian's fresh leadership principles will help create some of the most powerful moments for your team and your organization...if you are willing to try.

Your organization will never reach its fullest potential if your leaders are weak or insulated from reality. This presentation will take a hard look at your management style so you can be prepared for growth opportunities. You can be anything you want if you're willing to put forth the effort to change!

One of the most amazing stage magic illusions of all time is Harry Houdini's "Metamorphosis", where one person changes into another in a split second. Real magic! Although the information learned in Brian's program may not cause an instantaneous change, it can be a lasting one.

If your team is having leadership issues, this is the program to consider.

Note: Breakout sessions are also available for a deeper dive into the topic. 

Metamorphosis by magician Brian Reaves
Based on Brian's best-selling leadership book!
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