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Brian's Books

Brian loves to invest in people's lives. These books were written to help propel you forward both professionally and personally. 


These informative and exciting books are written in a conversational style and contain questions at the end of each chapter that are designed to help you get the most out of what you are reading. 

Brian Reaves motivational speaker and magician with his book Ignore the Impossible
Creative Problem-Solving with a Magician's Mindset

Everyone faces difficult decisions in work and life; seemingly insurmountable obstacles and choices that appear unfair and unreasonable when thrust upon us. At the same time, there are those who never seem to give up no matter what and always find a way to come out on top. In many cases, the difference between success and failure can be traced back to a simple mindset shift: instead of thinking "This can't be done", you commit and say, "This can be done and I will find a way." 


When a magician wants to create a miracle on stage, that exact mindset is what they use, but it's just the first step. Magicians don't always think like normal people would because miracles require miraculous thinking, and the ability to ignore the natural limitations of everyday life.

Award-winning illusionist and motivational author Brian Reaves will pull back the curtain and share the secrets that will show you how to easily face that "impossible problem" in your life or business by thinking like a magician, ready to construct that next big illusion on stage.

What if the impossible problem really isn't?

And what if you are the one to finally solve it?

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Ignore the Impossible by Brian Reaves book cover
Metamorphosis by motivational speaker and magician Brian Reaves book cover
Transform Your Leadership

When an organization has a strong leader, it can accomplish great things. Unfortunately, too many companies suffer from mediocre leaders who make mistakes that are easily remedied with just a little effort. But is that leader worth saving?

So many times we think the only way to improve a situation, program, department, or company is to replace the leadership involved, but that is not always the best solution. Many times we can fix our leadership problems through a few simple changes that are possible for anyone. We don't need new people, we need new thinking in the ones we have.

Magicians have long amazed audiences with an illusion called "Metamorphosis", where a person changes into another one in an instant. In this book, award-winning illusionist and speaker Brian Reaves leads you through fifteen areas of weakness leaders must face so they too can transform into a skilled and confident manager for their team. These concepts will help you create a positive mindset for success in your thinking and speech so that you can see the results you need to be an effective leader.

It's time for a change...

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Possibilities book cover
Your Future is Unwritten!

Early in our lives, we see the world as ripe with infinite prospects. We let our dreams run wild as we imagine incredible things for our future. Unfortunately, as events unfold around us, we begin to let those dreams die.

Mistakes, failures, regrets, missed opportunities, and defeat kill those possibilities of a bright future in our minds. It seems all that remains is an average, boring, stagnant life that leaves us little to look forward to.

But the possibilities are still there if we are willing to fight for them. And they are infinite.

In Ignore the Impossible, illusionist Brian Reaves taught how to approach impossible problems with a magician’s mindset. In this book, he wants to encourage you to embrace the infinite possibilities life holds by once again looking toward the future with childlike wonder.

Your past has passed. Your future is defined only by your limitations. It’s time to explore the possibilities tomorrow can hold!    

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