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Powerful Words

Forget the sticks and stones, words can hurt you too!

Every day, you wield one of the most powerful and painful weapons ever created: words. They have lifted people up in their darkest times and torn people down on their best days. They have shaped lives into extraordinary journeys and they have cut short promising careers through carelessness. 

Have you ever truly thought about the power of your words on the people around you? Have you ever considered what could happen to your career and to your company if you used the right words at the right time?

Words are a powerful weapon that should be wielded carefully. A casual remark, a careless joke, and even an angry rant can forever change our lives and the lives of those around us. Clarity is key. 

So many people fail to realize just how powerful the things they say to other people (and to themselves) can be. In this magic-infused presentation, Brian will show your team the true power of words and what can be accomplished when you choose to use the right ones--but also what happens when you choose to use the wrong ones.

Brian will cover:

  • The five key words you should never use in a conversation with someone you are trying to help. These are common and chances are you probably use them often, however, after Brian shares these five words you will think twice before using them again. 

  • The incredible power of the right word at the right time. Through an unbelievable demonstration of the power of suggestion, a person on stage will suddenly have superhuman abilities--and lose them just as quickly when believing the wrong things. You'll see this happen right in front of you but you won't believe your eyes!

  • Finding the definition of "you". We all have words that we want to use to describe ourselves. Have you ever considered what it will take to make those words come true?

  •  The massive difference "perspective" makes in a conversation. Sometimes we miss the most important parts of a conversation because of a simple mistake. Follow Brian's three-step conversational format and you'll always be present for every word spoken. Relationships are lost because of a lack of this simple skill. Now you will be armed for success.

Building effective communication skills within your team is the key to a successful operation, and your group will leave Brian's presentation with a better understanding of how to do that effectively. 

If your managers and/or team are having problems communicating, this will equip them with the tools they need to succeed. They will understand the strength that comes from effective communication and how to apply these concepts to daily life. The right words at the right time can make you, your team, and your company unstoppable!

magician and keynote speaker Brian Reaves performs for a corporate event
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