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What is Your "Go"?

game board

I'm a big fan of board games. I love chess, Clue, and Monopoly because there's something exciting about setting up the board and moving the pieces around as the game advances. Start advancing pieces and rolling dice and I'm a happy guy!

But what if I took the time to unpack the box, set the pieces up, shuffle the cards being used, and then just sat there? The game would be ready to go, but I would be doing nothing to make it happen. I can't think of any board games that play themselves. You have to get involved in making things happen!

The same happens in life. No matter how many great plans you might have for your life, if you never start the game nothing with happen. There will be no wins, but there will still be a few losses and missed opportunities.

Have a plan. Have ideas and goals. Dream big! Then get started!

On a Monopoly board, we all start at the same "Go" square with the same chance of winning. Once you have that first roll of the dice, you are on your own! You can play the game smart or reckless, and maybe you'll make some good decisions and have some lucky moments. You might even win the game! But if you stay on "Go!" the whole time, you'll never stand a chance. You'll see everyone else starting to make big wins while you have nothing new.

Where are you on the board of life right now? Have you started making gains and advancing toward your goals? Or are you just waiting and rolling with the punches?

The game of your life is ready! Get in there and start making moves on the board! Have a plan, get the next steps settled in your mind, and start moving! Push toward making your life better in every way you can every day!

The only way you can win big is if you move past that "Go" square. Tomorrow isn't promised so make the moves to win today!

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