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Ignore The


Everyone faces difficult decisions in work and life; seemingly insurmountable obstacles and choices that appear unfair and unreasonable when thrust upon us. At the same time, there are those who never seem to give up no matter what and always find a way to come out on top. In many cases, the difference between success and failure can be traced back to a simple mindset shift: instead of thinking "This can't be done", you commit and say, "This can be done and I will find a way." 


When a magician wants to create a miracle on stage, that exact mindset is what they use, but it's just the first step. Magicians don't always think like normal people would because miracles require miraculous thinking, and the ability to ignore the natural limitations of everyday life.

Award-winning illusionist and motivational author Brian Reaves will pull back the curtain and share the secrets that will show you how to easily face that "impossible problem" in your life or business by thinking like a magician, ready to construct that next big illusion on stage.

What if the impossible problem really isn't?

And what if you are the one to finally solve it?

In this magic-infused presentation, we'll cover:

  • Approaching a problem from a whole new direction - How a simple change in your mindset can open entirely new doors of creativity for you. Brian will show you how to accomplish something in 90 seconds you had previously thought would be impossible.

  • The brutal truth about "impossible" problems - Most "impossible" problems are really just "difficult", but many people look for an obvious solution only. If they don't see an immediate answer, they give up. But the answers aren't as hard to find as you might believe when you know what to look for. And after this presentation, you will!

  • How to walk through a brick wall - Seriously! And 80% of the people in the room will have figured out how to do it long before Brian shows them how--yet they'll have doubted themselves into unbelief. You will learn the strength and necessity of believing in yourself and your ideas!

  • The three types of spectators in a magic show - You'll fall under one of these three categories, and it directly affects your approach to problem-solving. Fortunately, a change in your thinking isn't that hard with a small tweak and a different outlook. Brian will show you how each of them faces a challenge, and who has the best chance of solving it!

If your people are having a hard time finding answers, Brian has just the words they need to hear. Creative problem-solving is essential for any magician. And Brian will show you how to adapt that same thinking to your own situations to help find solutions you'd never considered before!​ 

Creative problem-solving with a magician's mindset
Ignore the Impossible by Brian Reaves

Based on Brian's best-selling book!

Motivational Speaker and magician Brian Reaves performs
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