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Creating Showtime Moments

Is your company unforgettable to your clients?

A "showtime moment" is an unforgettable customer interaction that instantly sets you apart from your competition and propels you to the forefront of your customer's minds for future business.


It's time to build lasting connections that will make your company the brand of choice!


Whether you realize it or not, every time you interact with a customer, you are leaving an impression about your company. Most companies never take full advantage of those opportunities to create a lasting perception for their customer or client. Too often, they look at the "big moments" as the only important ones, letting the majority of "normal day-to-day moments” slip away.

Just like an entertainer who steps into the spotlight on stage and knows it's showtime, your employees are on stage, front & center with every customer interaction. What impression are they making?

Entertainers’ careers have been made and even destroyed by those first impressions in the spotlight. That same principle applies to the impressions your team members are leaving on your customers. Well, all that can change now - if you’re ready to help your employees create Showtime Moments.  

Here’s How We Can Help You:

In this magic-infused presentation, Brian Reaves will lead your team through several methods to make every interaction with their customers and clients a "showtime" moment; an interaction they will remember fondly and even refer your business to others because your team is different.  If the client feels genuinely appreciated, you will generate more sales and more long-term relationships.

Brian’s signature 3-step system makes it simple to apply Showtime Moments To Your Business.


Step 1) Identifying the BENEFITS of "Showtime Moments.” How you can clearly and concisely show the crucial distinctions between your company and the competition. Actions speak louder than words, and this is where the promises stop and the company delivers.


Step 2) MAKING any moment a "Showtime Moment.” How even the most casual interaction with your potential customers can create an experience they'll never receive from your competition and show them how you genuinely care about their business. 


Step 3) CREATING Your "Showtime Moments.” Making your product or service so unforgettable and valuable that your customers are compelled to do business with you.


And if you have team members who are already creating those moments, we will spotlight their accomplishments and/or customer feedback for a job well done. This will show your team how relevant those moments are to your own company, as well as provide a great opportunity to thank them for a job well done. This presentation will be relevant and personal to your group or organization!

We will focus on creating a customer experience your clients will not find anywhere else in your industry and creating more value that they can clearly see. This is a masterclass on how to put your clients in the spotlight and create lasting impressions that will be remembered long after the sale.


Motivational speaker and Magician Brian Reaves performs for a large group
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