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What Makes Brian Different?

Brian Reaves, The Motivational Magician, has a unique approach to speaking. This won't be a lecture your audience will just sit and listen to, but an experience they are a part of. 

Here are the some of the things that make Brian's presentations different from the rest:

Top Reasons to Work With Brian


* The Experience Will Be Unforgettable For Your Team
Audiences will forget what speakers say, and they forget what they watched happen in the room, but if you can make them feel something, it will be unforgettable. Brian has a unique ability to resonate with people and help his audiences relax and enjoy what's being said. There’s something about experiencing the magic that Brian brings to every event that is filled with wonder. It’s part of what sets him apart and makes his presentations so special. 

* A Custom-Tailored Presentation for Your Company
Every audience and organization is different. Your presentation should be as unique as you are. Working with your team before the event to learn more about your company, Brian will custom-tailor the presentation for you to make it relevant to your team.

* Brian Is Easy to Work With
Brian is showing up to your event to serve you, not to be served by you. No outrageous requests. Just a desire to make the event as successful as possible. 

* A High Impact Event You Can Be Proud Of
Producing a live event is hard work. Why go to all of that effort if your audience isn’t truly impacted by their experience? Brian knows how to connect with your audience on a heart level and impact their lives and work in a way that will leave them thinking about their experience for weeks, months, and years to come.

* A Desire For Excellence
You can count on getting excellence from Brian in every aspect of the presentation. His 30+ years of experience can lead to a stress-free event. Brian works hard to serve you and will do so with gratitude and integrity. Brian values long-term partnerships instead of short-term gains. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming event, he is there to help.

* Something Truly Unique
Everyone who experiences Brian's presentations raves about the event. This will be unlike any other speaker you've had, and your team will be able to tell the difference. In a world where so many try to be the same, why not work with someone who stands out as unique?

* Interactive, Clean, and Incredibly Entertaining 
Ever sat through a boring speaker who may have even had some incredible things to say, but none of it connected because it wasn’t entertaining? Your team will be actively involved throughout the presentation, whether it's being brought on stage to be a part of the show or having the magic happen to them right where they're sitting. And all of the comedy is family-friendly, so there's no worry about things being taken too far. With over 30 years as an award-winning entertainer, it’s no wonder Brian is one of the most sought-after speakers in the state. 

* Brian Will Be Relatable To Your Team
Brian grew up washing dishes in a restaurant and kept going from there. Eventually, Brian moved on to upper management and found a love in connecting with people through corporate training. Soon, Brian's message moved on to companies all over his state and then all over the U.S. Through it all, Brian has a unique ability to relate to everyone in the room as if speaking directly to them.

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