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The Balancing Act

The Magic of a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Success in business isn't always easy. Sometimes the pull is so strong at work that we begin to sacrifice other areas of our life to make up for it. While this may be possible to maintain short term, it is disastrous if we don't get it under control. Burn-out, job dissatisfaction, and even overwhelming home problems are some of the consequences of this dangerous practice.

But the answer to the problem is surprisingly simple when we adjust a few little things. You can still be successful at work and away from it.

In this magic-infused presentation, Brian will teach your team:

  • The danger signs of imbalance in your life. If you want to prevent burnout in your people, you'd better be on the lookout for these!

  • The power of sixty seconds. So many people fail to realize how much you can accomplish in one minute. After this demonstration, you'll understand how valuable that "little bit of time" can be and you'll never take time for granted again.

  • How to eat a frog. Not literally, of course, but follow these three steps and you will gain a new perspective while learning how to prioritize your daily tasks.

  • The forgotten rewards of balance. Some rewards seem obvious, but then there are things we never consider possible. If you understand what could happen, it's the greatest motivation to accomplish the balance you've only imagined.

If your people are having a hard time finding a proper work/life balance, Brian has just the words they need to hear.

Many businesses never realize it's possible to get more work done in less time if your team learns a few healthy practices that can make all the difference in the long run. This in-depth teaching gives practical advice on time management and work satisfaction, while increasing productivity, and using a magic touch to keep everyone involved and engaged.

brian reaves keynote speaker
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