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What's the Point?

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Have you ever gotten frustrated?

I recently had to take a detour on a long drive home from a presentation. The drive to the event had been familiar, taking a little over two hours along a major highway, so I felt like I was making progress. You know how it is: You see a particular landmark or billboard and realize, "Hey, I'm close to home!"

Unfortunately, the return trip involved many unfamiliar back roads, and I had to drive a lot slower through little towns (and saw a million Dollar General stores along the way). I felt as if I were never going to get home! I kept looking at the GPS, and it seemed like the time wasn't getting any shorter. But then, eventually, I got back on the highway, and I finally felt like I was making progress!

The truth is, I was making progress the whole time. I kept getting closer to home with every mile, even if it didn't feel like I was doing it fast enough.

Sometimes, on the path to growth, it seems like it's taking forever to get anywhere. We have a particular goal in mind, and it seemed like it was attainable when we started, but now it might seem a little more difficult to reach than we planned. That's good, though! Hard things are worth doing!

Did you know it takes six months to build a Rolls Royce, but only thirteen hours to build a Toyota? That's not to disparage Toyotas but to say some similar things take longer to create with more attention to detail.

Whatever changes you are trying to make happen in your life or business may be taking longer than you thought they should. Perhaps you're even on the frustrating "back roads" portion of your journey and feel like you're not making any headway toward your goals. But don't give up!

Every single one of us has asked, "What's the point?" at some moment in our lives. We've tried hard and done the right things, but something just didn't fall into place the way we wanted. Those are the moments we can choose to continue or drop anchor and quit.

I encourage you today to keep moving forward, keep setting goals that stretch you, and keep trying to be and do better in your life. You are making progress, whether you realize it or not!

You may not get there tomorrow, but you'll never get there if you quit!

The destination is worth the journey!

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