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Thank you for an amazing year!

Thank you!


This year was our biggest ever. I've spoken in three new states and met over a thousand new friends at our various events. There are so many highlights I'd like to mention, but I'm afraid of leaving out someone important!


Instead, let me say a huge "THANK YOU!" to you for being a part of our year and our fun. As we close out 2023, let me leave you with this quick thought.

Every year, I watch "A Christmas Carol" starring Alistair Sim (I'm literally finishing it as I write this). It's a very old story, but what I particularly love about this version is the way he is unafraid to apologize for his past mistakes and make good on his promises for the future. He owns up for what he was but decides it is not who he will be.


However this year turned out for you, it doesn't automatically define the next chapter of your life. I want you to say these three statements out loud today:


  • "I have learned valuable lessons this year. I will not pay for the same mistakes twice."

  • "Before the new year begins, I am going to write out three goals for 2024 that will stretch me but ultimately set me on course to see my dreams come true!"

  • "The person I was this year is going to be jealous of who I become next year!"


Say those every day over the last week of the year and see how much stronger you start out compared to the people around you!


I sincerely thank you for making this year so spectacular. Your kind words and encouragement have meant a lot! I hope we meet again in 2024 for more magic and motivation!


Happy Holidays!

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