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My New Book, "Possibilities", is Out!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Brian Reaves The Motivational Magician book Possibilities

How do you feel about tomorrow? Are you excited? Or are you just expecting more of the same from yesterday and today?

It's time to get thrilled about the future again!

That's what I hope my newest book, Possibilities: Your Future is Unwritten, will inspire in you!

Early in our lives, we see the world as ripe with infinite prospects. We let our dreams run wild as we imagine incredible things for our future. Unfortunately, as events unfold, we begin to let those dreams die.

Mistakes, failures, regrets, missed opportunities, and defeat kill those possibilities of a bright future in our minds. It seems all that remains is an average, boring, stagnant life that leaves us little to look forward to.

But the possibilities are still there if we are willing to fight for them. And they are infinite.

I'd even love to send you a free preview of the book if you click the button below!

Through a series of little stories and illustrations with nuggets of wisdom throughout, let's go on a journey together toward a stronger future. You can do more than you think if you are believe in yourself and you're willing to try!

In Ignore the Impossible, I taught how to approach impossible problems with a magician’s mindset. In Possibilities, I want to encourage you to embrace the infinite possibilities life holds by once again looking toward the future with childlike wonder.

Your past has passed. Your future is defined only by your limitations. It’s time to explore the possibilities tomorrow can hold!

Remember, you aren't meant to be average! Fight to be the best version of "you" that is possible!

Brian Reaves The motivational magician keynote speaker


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