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My Newest Book Is Here!

My newest book, "Metamorphosis: Transform Your Leadership" is finally here and I couldn't be more excited about it!

This book is designed to help you strengthen your leadership style by showing you examples from the lives of both good and bad leaders. It will help you develop your management or leadership team into something amazing.

The title comes from the world-famous illusion that was one of Houdini's early showcases. In it, one person changes places with another person instantly in a miraculous moment of magic.

In reality, however, change isn't always instantaneous. Lasting change is more important than instant change in most cases. And that's what we deal with in the book.

As always, there are a few little fun elements in there to keep you engaged, along with a worksheet at the end of each chapter. The end of the book has a survey you can give you own team to fill out anonymously to help you get an idea of your leadership strengths and weaknesses, if you're truly wanting to change and feeling brave.

It's available on Amazon now, so grab a copy and start creating a change in your leadership style!


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