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How Do You See Yourself?

Have you ever considered the power of visualization? People design cars, houses, buildings, and entire campuses based solely on an idea that started in their minds. They saw something and moved it from thought to paper to develop it. There really is power in harnessing your imagination.

But so many people actually use this the wrong way. They see themselves as failures, or sub-par to someone else, or “just not good enough”. In the process of thinking that way, they subconsciously act that way, which further cements their initial thoughts and becomes this horrible self-fulfilling prophecy in their life.

Right now, I want you to picture yourself completing whatever hard task you have in your life. Maybe your goal is to get out of debt, or lead the most successful team in your company, or own your own business. Whatever the task is, picture what your life will be like when you complete it. What benefits will you reap, both financially and personally? Is there a particular thing you plan to buy to celebrate, or a place you want to go? What action will signal to you that you have successfully finished it?

If you took a moment to do that little exercise, I can almost guarantee you are feeling a little better now than you did a few minutes ago. Nothing in your life has changed necessarily, but you are basking in the momentary glow of visualizing a victory in your life. Just imagine how differently your day would go if you did that every morning.

Growing up, I’m sure there were times when something was said to you in school about something you did, or said, or wore, or whatever. Words in times like that can be overwhelming to us, and can sometimes forever shape how we see ourselves.

We all have insecurities. There are things about ourselves that we don’t like. Even the most successful people have things they wish they could change. The key is to not allow those things to become our focus, and in the process magnify them in our own eyes when no one else sees them.

Imagine yourself a success. Visualize yourself completing that “impossible task” in front of you. As you bring your thinking around to that mindset, you’ll find the idea of success becoming more and more a part of who you are and what you believe about yourself. Don’t allow negative, short-sighted self-doubts to limit who you can be. You are capable of great things!

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