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Do You Still Dream?

When we are young, we often find our minds drifting toward amazing adventures or exotic locales. Children want to be astronauts, pirates, princesses, firefighters, and superheroes. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be Spider-Man. That hasn't happened (yet) but I still vividly remember the desire.

As we grow older, reality sets in. The true cost of living starts to add up. That dream job doesn't just appear on the horizon. Sometimes we even settle into mediocrity and the hum-drum everyday life thinking this is how it will always be.

But that's just wrong.

Dreams are important. We need them. The beautiful things about dreams, however, is that they often change in every stage of our life. Priorities shift, and suddenly it's not so important to be a superhero, but it's very important to be a good dad. Maybe you won't get that Ferrari you've dreamed up, but paying off the house seems like a pretty cool moment on its own.

If something has happened to your dreams or if you don't even remember having any, let me encourage you today to find them again. No matter how old we get, we can always dream about something big we want to accomplish or some exotic place we want to visit. Find that dream in your heart again and let the spark ignite a fire of momentum in your life today toward seeing it come to life.

I'll never forget the moment I opened a package and pulled out the first book I'd ever written. I had spent my life reading books, but to actually have one that had my name on it was a whole new experience that I couldn't explain. It was amazing and so fulfilling. Even now, whenever that first copy of one of my books comes out of the package, it's exciting and makes me ready to work on the next one. Writing is my dream and one of my passions.

What are your dreams and passions? Visualize that dream happening (How will your life change? What will you do next?) and push toward making it happen. You may not be able to see it come to pass today, but take that very first step toward completion and you'll be pleasantly surprised one day!

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