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Ignore the Distractions and Focus on Success!

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I'm not sure how it works for you, but if I head into Wal-Mart with a general idea of one thing I need, I am walking out with a dozen things (probably not what I went there for). On the other hand, my wife is very much a list person, and anytime we head out of town, she has a solid checklist of everything we must pack or do before we go.


Some people have a real problem with focus. They can start on something and make real headway, and then suddenly, some other area of life beckons, and they are pulled away. They plan to do a particular task on a particular day, and something seems to inevitably pull them away. It's a really frustrating feeling.


Focus is a key trait we all need to develop. There are so many distractions around us daily that it's easy to get pulled from one to another. We can be so busy doing things that we believe we're being successful, yet at the end of the day, we can show so little for all of our busyness.


Whenever I am in a room full of people and surrounded by a cacophony of noise, I can instantly pick out the sound of my wife's laughter. I don't have to search for it or purposefully try to find it. I can be carrying on a conversation, and she's somewhere else, but that melodic laugh will instantly register with me. At that moment, amidst the swirling tide of voices around me, I am focused on one.


I have met a lot of people who talk about wanting to be successful in life and business. I've met some incredible folks who seem to have it all going for them and there's no obvious reason they aren't striking gold every single day. But for most people, it's all a matter of focus. They are scattered in their plans and ideas and get frustrated because nothing is happening the way they want it to.


I need you to get a pen and paper and get ready to make a list. Here are a few quick tips that will help you create a clear plan for success: 


  1. It is much easier to be good if you focus on a specific area. What would most help your success if you got really good at it? Think of the single thing that would immediately benefit your success the most. Maybe you need to be more confident when talking to people. Maybe you feel like you need more knowledge about a part of your job. Maybe you need to be more organized. Whatever that single thing is, make a note of it. Don't allow yourself to get mired down in possibilities. Prioritize them, and find that one thing.

  2. How long would it take to get really good at this? Some things can be changed in a day. Some can be changed instantly when you focus on them. Others may take a while. Figure out a realistic timeline for getting really good at this one thing that will most help your success at this time.

  3. How would the people around you be able to see and know that you are good at this? It helps if you have a method of tracking your progress on this. Will this be an immediate outward difference, like getting more organized? Or will this be an inward characteristic that people will have to notice when they talk to you, like developing confidence in yourself? Whatever it is, what will you have to hear someone say to realize you have gotten good at this one thing?

  4. What would this mean for your business or life? More money? More free time? Whatever it is, list it so you can see it. When we can see tangible benefits for something, we can more readily develop a desire to see it come to pass in our lives.

  5. Would it be worth it? If not, go back to step one and start over. You've picked the wrong thing to focus on.

  6. What are you waiting for? There will always be excuses to wait. Don't allow yourself to settle on any of them. Start now to make progress!


Don't let the distractions around you overwhelm you. Don't get overloaded by the possibilities and the feeling that you must accomplish everything at once. Focus on the one thing right now that will bring you the most immediate success and get really good at it.


Make the remainder of this year your best ever!

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