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Everyone faces difficult decisions in work and life; seemingly insurmountable obstacles and choices that appear unfair and unreasonable when thrust upon us. At the same time, there are those who never seem to give up no matter what and always find a way to come out on top. In many cases, success and failure can be traced back to a simple mindset: one that refuses to give up at the first barrier and says, "It can be done when I find the way". 


When a magician wants to create a miracle on stage, that mindset is just the first step. Magicians don't always think of things like normal people would because miracles require miraculous thinking, and the ability to ignore the natural limitations of everyday life.


Award-winning illusionist and author Brian Reaves is ready to pull back the curtain and let you in on the secrets that will show you how easy it may be to solve that "impossible problem" in your life or business by thinking like a magician, ready to construct that next big illusion on stage.


What if the impossible problem really isn't?


And what if you are the one to finally solve it?

This presentation includes 10 copies of Brian's book, Ignore the Impossible, for your team.